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    December 27, 2012
    5:30 - 6:00am EST  

40 could be the two degree guarantee. mainly cloudy skies with a lot of wind. how about the next system? this is out towards the rockies and not much yet. but eventually we'll be off the carolina coastline friday night going into saturday. could bring a moderate snow accumulation that's area. that's track one. if it's further to the south and east, that could bring a minor accumulation. we're going to talk more about the weekend threat and we'll give you the seven day forecast of course coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook over there. what's going on on the roads? are we talking ice or are we talking bay bridge restrictions or both? a little bit of both. yes. we are dealing with a lot of gusty winds this morning. so take it slow traveling across the bay bridge or the key bridge and icy conditions still possible across the region. you want to be careful across overpasses or bridges and a live look right now in interstate 70. nice and clear, no problems to report from columbia pike all the way over to 695. and the beltway also going to be in great shape as we check in and take a live look at the
abc2 timesaver traffic drive times. no delays on the west side. just eight minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and it will remain clear from parkville all the way up to towson. for those of you traveling on 95 no issues getting to bwi airport and the northeast corridor also in great shape. just 14 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway all the way into the city. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. it is still a busy travel season. some people are trying to get home after being away for christmas. others are heading out of town for new year's. now if you have somewhere to go by plane there's a chance the flight is delayed or canceled as a result of this treacherous weather. now it happens on airlines. they will automatically rebook you to the next available flight. but because of all the weather delays, the next flight could be days away. there are a few things you can now do to increase your odds of getting on a flight. if you're unhappy with the rebooked flight, get in line. talk to a customer service rep to see if it can be changed. you can also call the airline
directly or even send a tweet. you may want to consider buying a one day pass to an airline lounge and airlines usually staff lounges with some of the best ticket agents who are able to maybe find you a seat a bit faster. news time right now 5:32. you vote today expand gambling back in november and today part of that law will be put into action. in less than three hours maryland live casino will open their doors and once they do, they're going to stay open for good. abc2 news linda so is live this morning at the casino and linda i'm sure that a lot of people are going to be ready for 24/7 gambling. >> reporter: well, yeah, when they open the doors at 8:00 a.m. they will never close again like you said. the place is going to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3635 days a year. that means you can come at any time of the day or night to enjoy any one of their 4700 slot machines that they have here. and another big change that's coming very soon. table games will actually be introduced here at the casino. that will happen in spring. that of course approved by voters in the referendum in the
november election. maryland live will be bringing in about 150 table games like poker, blackjack and roulette. this will be the only casino in the state to stay open 24 hours a day. now about 1200 jobs will be created from 24 hour gaming and table games. they're still hiring for supervisors, managers, security and surveillance. of course you can go to their website to apply if you're interested. but just to tell you where the table games will go, when you come through the main entrance on the north side here, you come through the main entrance right here on the floor where all these machines are. they're actually going to move these out and this is where the table games will go. right over there, those machines will be moving out and that's where they'll put the blackjack tables. again all of that expected to happen in the spring. new morning when they open their doors at 8:00 a.m. they will stay open 24 hours a day. we're live at arundel mills, linda so, abc2 news. the baltimore ravens will
be well represented at the pro bowl in hawaii. they were announced last night. now the ravens sending six players. ray rice, marshal yanda. leach, haloti ngata and ed reed and jacoby jones. the game will be played january 27th in the meantime, the ravens are getting ready to take on bengals in their last regular season game of 2012. on sunday, the purple and black clinched the afc's northern division title. that means the ravens will have one home playoff game. tickets for that game go on sale tomorrow morning. 5:34 right now. taking a look at the stories around the nation. a community of webster, new york is coming together mourning the loss of two men who spent their lives saving others and they did it as volunteers. ♪ in the snow, hundreds of
people attended a candle light vigil honoring two of the fallen firefighters. michael chiapperini and tomasz kaczowka. now the two firefighters were killed by a convicted felon on christmas eve. the community also prayed for the two firefighters who were hurt in the deadly ambush attack. first responders from several departments came out to show their support. huddled together in the crowd quietly. they watched as members of the west webster fire department drove off. today, more than 200 educators in utah will spend hours getting concealed weapons training. the utah shooting sports council says it normally trains about a dozen teachers each year. the instructions required to legally carry the concealed weapon in public places. in the wake of sandy hook elementary school shooting officials decided to offer this training to educators at no extra charge. it's no wonder that shoppers in one mall were really scared when a huge fight broke out. take a look at this video of shoppers running for their lives.
they didn't know what was going on. mall security said about 20 people were involved in yesterday's fight. some of the customers say that they heard loud sounds. they thought maybe it was gunshots and however officials say they found no evidence of any sort of shooting at the mall. reports say that many of the stores did go into lockdown closing their metal gates when the fight started. that mall was -- did reopen a few hours later. well, some heavy rains and tornadoes and snow and powerful storms have been hitting several states. >> coming audiotape look at the damage being done and the struggle for many travelers still having. people are still trying to make it home megan. >> a former university of maryland coach has passed away. we have details just ahead.
getting home from the christmas holiday has not been easy for a lot of people and it's because of the weather. by air, winter storms have delayed so many people. >> this is incredible. at least 1500 flights were canceled on wednesday and so far another 170 they've been called off today. and by road, certainly been no easier. >> abc's brandi hitt has more on the winter weather. >> reporter: a deadly winter storm dropped massive amounts
of snow from arkansas up through illinois and indiana. now a nor'easter with strong winds and even more snow. >> we tried to get out of the parking spot and we're spinning in circles. >> reporter: the storms also spawned rare december tornadoes along the gulf coast. mobile, alabama was hard hit leaving many without power. >> the power went out and we could hear it coming and we ran and jumped in the bathtub. >> reporter: the storms are also having a devastating effect on postholiday travels. people trying to find their way home are finding canceled flights and treacherous driving conditions. >> they're trying to get home or plan b., we go spend more time with the grandkids here. >> reporter: up to a foot and a half of snow is expected in northern new england with snow expected to fall throughout friday morning. the storm also brought with it freezing rain and sleet making driving treacherous. >> you can stay out of it. stay out of it. >> reporter: for those who don't have to travel, they are making the best of it getting out and enjoying the snow. brandi hitt, abc news, new york. taking a look at that once again. mike, what is going on?
>> it's winter. you know? come on. >> exactly. >> jeez. we're going to get a little snow unfortunately. >> texas all the way to maine? >> it happens jeez. chesapeake beach shot. charlie you still got the lights on the boat buddy. 37 in town right now. 85% humidity can westerly wind at -- and westerly wind at 12 and that's going to be the key to the forecast. it's a gusty breezy wind today. 34 right now up to bel air you're at 35 along harford road. close to the freezing mark so just be careful with that maybe a little ice on the roadways. here's the winds and again winds with windchill or i should say winds with the temperature producing windchills between 25 and 29. a really chilly feel across the area. 36 for the rest of the morning. otherwise turning windy at the launch time hour. go from 37 to 39-degrees with a very gusty wind and again the seven day forecast shows us a blend of sunshine and clouds. tomorrow, it's a breezy day certainly nowhere in comparison to the winds that we'll be dealing this afternoon. by saturday, though, that's when some wintery weather make
its way in. with temperatures 36 plummeting to the freezing mark and again a lot of questions with the storm. two tracks scenario and what type of accumulations we could be dealing with coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on traffic out there and again winds a bit of a problem for the bay bridge today right lauren? yes, definitely take it slow across the bay or key bridge this morning. the state highway administration is actually urging everyone to stay off the roads until the sun comes up. right around 7:25. icy conditions still a problem across the region. no delays right now on 83. nice and clear heading downtown and everything up to speed as well through the tunnels. if you are traveling 695 as we check and take a live look here. just south of burning highway, you'll notice everything moving along. but the roads are really still going to be pretty wet. and again, take it slow traveling across any bridge or overpass this morning. that's a look at your traffic. a megan and charlie, over to you. vacation is over and it's time to bet back the business in -- to get back to business in d.c. >> only five days to avoid
raising your taxes. are they close to a deal? >> no way. no way at all. >> and the start of the new art -- a new way to detect breast cancer. how the 3d approach could save more women to help catch the disease even earlier.
like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work.
15 -away if 6:00 right now. five things -- five things to know this morning. he was the coach of the maryland team. the school says he died tuesday night. he was 77 years old. former south african president nelson mandela was released from the hospital. he had a procedure to remove gallstones. the 94-year-old leader is expected to recover at his home in johannesburg. people in chicago will have to dig a little deeper if they want to use the city's parking meters. starting new year's day it's going to cost drivers $6.50 an hour the park at a meter. ouch, the rate change in chicago will make the city the most expensive city in the united states for metered parking. they've been entertaining audiences since 1932 with their spectacular christmas shows and today, radio city music hall is celebrating its 80th anniversary. radio city music hall the the
official home to the -- is the official home to the rockettes. we are just days away from a brand new year and the friendship rigs getting under-- preparations getting underway right now in new york city. 288 new panels that have doves carved into them and in year's them is going to be let there be peace. five days and counting. the president and congress are back in d.c. today but that doesn't mean there's any hope of avoiding the fiscal cliff. congressional officials say no negotiations have been set and without an agreement, automatic tax increases for everyone and deep cuts will be triggered in the new year. the main dispute continues to be over raising taxes. news time right now 5:47. starbucks will tackle the fiscal cliff one cup at a time. the ceo how old shut wants workers in the -- howard schultz wants workers in the d.c. area store to write come together on the coffee cups they serve today and tomorrow. he says it's the company's way of respectfully telling
politicians they need to find common ground. >> if people would get in the room and lee their ego behind and not be so skewed towards the party but be so sensitive to the lens of the american people, we will have an agreement. >> now this is just a suggestion from the ceo of starbucks. and employees won't be forced to write anything but a customer's name on the cup. news around the nation this morning, hawaii's governor announced lieutenant governor will fill the u.s. senate seat vacated by the death of daniel inouye. he has said he'll be in d.c. today sworn today in. he says he will seek election for a full term in 2014 but a special election will be held to fill that spot until 2016. inouye was the second longest serving u.s. senator of all time. toyota has agreed to set al lawsuit. you probably remember this. the automaker has agreed to pay more than a billion dollars to install new safety features to
compensate owners. drivers sued toyota because floor mats were getting stuck causing their vehicles to accelerate. under the agreement toyota said that they will install a brake override system in three million vehicles. all right, time now for a check of the forecast. mike is up here with us once again. you are working double time. >> sure and you may need the four wheel drive over the weekend. uh-oh. >> again? >> yeah again unfortunately. >> christmas eve. >> yeah. >> day after. >> day after. >> new year's eve. >> close. >> probably today too you said. >> ish, yes. this is -- all right it's a saturday storm to kind of make this a little bit clearer. we're not sure how much snow could fall. >> you got a number left? >> i'm just going to go to the wall okay? all right. let's do this thing. oh man we'll do that tomorrow morning. frederick how bad it got. a moon out there. 37 degrees. that sunrise around 7:25. and yes, it's a gusty wind today. notice temperatures were into the 30s to the north and west. 41 baltimore city and then we
have a 38 in annapolis. and the high wind advisory this afternoon because those winds could become rather gusty. it's a northwesterly wind right now at 10 to 15. gusting this afternoon to near 40 miles an hour and notice again windchills are when gusts rather over the eastern shore are already clocking around 33 to 40. and that has them producing this windchill. yeah feeling like it's into the 20 marker in a lot of locations. so there's that storm system over -- northern new england. that's going to push off and here comes the next system that they were badgering me over. again saturday that's when we're going to be expecting the storm. if it's close to the coast that could bring significant accumulation. maybe 6 to 10 inches of snow for the baltimore area. but the further south and east track will make a big difference and that could be a lighter snow event. let's talk traffic now and lauren cook you're going to be a busy girl i think with the winds today. yes, well, mike a wind warning has been issued for the bay bridge.
use caution traveling across any bridge right now across the region. overpasses also can be pretty icy. take it slow this morning. and just be careful out there. you're taking a live look right now route 50 at the severn river bridge. traffic moving right along. 95 just north of 195 traffic also moving up to speed. a 12 minute ride right now from elkridge do town town baltimore. the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, 83 going to be clear. no delays traveling southbound from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. that stretch al together will take you 11 minutes. and 695 also going to be in great shape. when you're not talking about all the icy conditions. but no delays just eight minutes on the outer loop right now from 795 down to 70. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. right now, new technology to detect breast cancer in a maryland medical center the first to do it. the baltimore va med sal center has three -- medical center has
three dimensional mammogram which is they give a deeper view. more accurate readings mean that fewer women will have to come in to get biopsies because doctors aren't sure if a lump a cancerous. ever heard of downed dog, tree pose? how about sun salutation? if you ever have it chances are your kids have or at least the fitness craze among kids a yoga and kids only studios and in- school programs moms up are now -- popping up are now all over the country. >> downward dog by the way. >> it says down dog. the benefits extend well beyond the studio. it helps your child exercise and also focus. focus on their homework. now if you want to get your kid involved look for a registered children's yoga instructor. a good start is the yoga alliance website. my wife is at home writing that down right now. honey, she's just 4 months old. >> you know what you should
tell hers this food to snow. there's yoga for babies in roland park, really cool. itsy bitsy yoga. it's true. stay with us this morning a very special christmas gift for one family. >> this has been a moment nearly two years in the making, why this holiday together will remain so memorable.
a family in missouri had a lot to be thankful for this christmas. >> it's the first time they have ever shared the holiday together. it's been a year of changes for anthony beck and his two younger siblings. they moved into a new home with new parents. the couple also adopted another teen and just last month, they all became official. >> we look in a lot of ways than other families but -- different in a lot of ways than other families but i think we have -- we're really a good family. pretty typical normal boring family. >> now the couple has been working for more than two years to adopt and they say they have been dreaming of a christmas like this for quite some time. what great story. all right, you've been sending gifts to let them know that they are in your thoughts and your prayers. >> and while they appreciate it, the people in newtown, connecticut want you to honor the victims and they want you to do it differently.
what they're now suggesting instead of gifts. >> and she won the lottery and gave almost all of the money to other people. one year later, a special gift for her for the winner. it's time to change the way we clean.
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